Planned2you has decided to implement a membership system: if you subscribe to one of the three membership choices, you will receive a fixed number of options each week, which will always be based on your preferences, as members will be required to fill out a preference form via the website.

Once you’ve signed up and paid, your membership will only be active for the first month unless you decide to extend it by setting up a monthly payment through a link provided to you three days before it expires. This is to ensure that you only stay if you are happy with the services we provide.

Once you’ve become a member, you’ll be able to log in and request a certain amount of options each week, depending on your membership level. When you receive your options, which range from three to nine, you will be provided a link with the options available so that you may confirm your plan and we will arrange everything for you.


Pay as you go. No long term contracts. Cancel anytime.


£14 / month (excl. VAT)

4 requests per month
1 choice provided per request


£25 / month (excl. VAT)

4 requests per month
2 choices provided per request


£35 / month (excl. VAT)

6 requests per month
3 choices provided per request


What does this service do?

Give you a variety of choices to pick from, depending on how many you want and your day’s preferences. We’ll go ahead and book everything for you after you confirm your preferred choice.

Do I have to renew my plan each month?

After the first month, your membership will automatically renew using your saved card details. If you are happy with the service and would want to continue, there’s nothing else you need to do!

What if I am not happy with the options provided?

You can always switch events from the specified plan with events from other plans.

How long does a subscription last

It’s a monthly rolling subscription, so you will be charged on a monthly basis every 1st of the month. At any time, you can cancel your subscription in your account area.

What happens if I reach the limit of requests this month?

If you have submitted the maximum amount of requests this month as part of your membership, you’ll no longer be able to submit new requests until your limit resets on the 1st of next month. However, you’ll still be able to purchase a one-off request.

If you keep hitting your limit each month, you may wish to change your subscription to a higher plan. To do this, simply cancel your current subscription in your account area. This will prevent your plan from renewing the next month. Then, anytime from the 1st of next month, you’ll be able to purchase a new membership. In the meantime, you will still be able to purchase a one-off request.